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Shades of Revenge is a humorous paranormal mystery, telling the story of two women who haunt one mansion.  Shades of their former selves, they must adjust to being dead as well as to the fact they were both murdered.

Jealousy anger and exasperation mar their relationship and adjustment.  Mandy must find her hidden physical body before she can move on to the next realm.  Nora must understand her death was not an accident and also accept who is responsible.

They join forces with Mandy’s cousin and Nora’s friends to search for evidence to bring their killer to justice.  Will they succeed or will the list of victims become longer?


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Exasperating Love is a collection of humorous short stories detailing issues with the relationships we face in life.

The stories are titled First Love showing Darcy’s reaction to her teenage heartthrob.  Cold Cold Love is the story of Phoebe’s surprise honeymoon.  Fung Shui in the Deer Stand tells of  Darlene’s efforts to set up a match for her best friend, Joetta.  The Great Deer Hunt relates Oralee’s aggravation with her husband when he seems to care more for his truck than her.  Emancipation tells of Merideth’s difficulties planning her husband’s funeral.  And Love of Money shows Carlene’s experiences with her friends when they discover she will inherit a tidy sum from her uncle.


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A light hearted look at the evolution of a serial husband.

Good old boy Burl Dawson falls madly in lust at seventeen.  He and Jamie Sue make the trip down the aisle to begin an anticipated life of wedded bliss The marriage is short lived.  When Jamie Sue leaves, Burl discovers he has become addicted to having a wife around to take care of him.

Now on the brink of his fifteenth marriage he looks back on his life, his wives, and the sport of courtship.

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  1. Shades of Revenge appears very interesting. Thanks for the review.


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